The increase in the environmental awareness during the last decade and more particularly the Paris Agreement of 2015 definition of climate change goals have contributed to considering sustainability as a main factor for ports and terminals development and operations. In order to improve their environmental performance and comply with international or regional emission targets, ports and terminals have to re-think their ‘business’ in order to comply with emission targets.

Port Consultants Rotterdam (PCR) can assist ports and terminals in developing a strategy to meet these targets and developing pathways to improve energy efficiency, decarbonize their operations, and improving their ‘green’ image, by:

  • Analyzing the current port/terminal assets in terms of emissions

  • Evaluating potential measures and investments to reduce the environmental impact

  • Price these measures and assess the impact and timeline of the implementation

  • Studying the financial feasibility of the measures

  • Establishing the port/terminal long- and short-term sustainability targets in cooperation with the Client

  • Developing a phased strategy for energy efficiency and decarbonization in line with the defined targets

  • Giving an insight on future trends in logistics influencing carbon footprint

  • Developing a carbon and energy reduction glide path with associated short-term action plans

  • Identifying new business opportunities that the energy transition can bring

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Port Consultants Rotterdam has recently participated in a study to establish the long term and short term sustainability targets for one of the leading global container terminal operators. Furthermore, Port Consultants Rotterdam has conducted a study and provided an advise for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology on how to access the Port sector and what assets to use and potentially develop.

If you want to know more about what Port Consultants Rotterdam can mean for your port or terminal or if you have any other enquiries, please contact us!

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