Port Consultants Rotterdam unique combination of technical and financial/economic services provides an added value for the successful preparation and execution of port and terminals tender processes and development of commercial concessions and contracts.

Port Consultants Rotterdam’s methodology is to make a strategic and market assessment on the transaction and commercial potential of ports/terminals in order to define the scope and model of privatization/concession, advise on the negotiation strategy and assist and contribute in the preparation and execution of tender processes.

Port Consultants Rotterdam can assist on the 5 phases in the concession process: market consultation, prequalification and preselection, set-up of the tender, tendering and selection, and negotiations and contract; in particular, common tasks for our team are:

  1. Organizing the market consultation: preparing a brochure of information, approaching potential operators for interviews and publishing announcements.
  2. Requesting expressions of interest, reviewing the expressions of interest and pre-selecting candidates from the short list.
  3. Preparing the bidding documents
  4. Preparing the financial model and the business case
  5. Requesting tender offers, reviewing submitted proposals, punctuating them and classifying them. Selecting the best proposal
  6. Organizing information workshops with candidates
  7. Attending negotiations with the candidate who submitted the best proposal
  8. Finalizing the concession contract

For construction tenders, our team is capable of assisting both from the tenderer’s side, by assessing the construction bids and negotiating with the Contractors, and from the Contractor side, by making a technical review and optimization of the design and advice on other technical or strategic aspects during the tender.

For the case of dredging tenders and contracts, please visit the description of our Dredging and marine works service.

If you want to know more about what Port Consultants Rotterdam can mean for your port or terminal or if you have any other enquiries, please contact us!