Project Description

  • Project name: Transformation of HES’ terminal EBS from coal to sustainable product flows
  • Project location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Name of client: European Bulk Services

  • Period: 2019-present

Description of the project

Part of HES International, European Bulk Services’ mineral dry bulk terminal in the Botlek endeavours to attract new business as it sees coal volumes, traditionally forming the core of their business, drop. Interesting top-down approach for attracting new customers and new yet unexplored dry bulk cargo streams lead to the development of multi-purpose dry bulk storage facility called Fenix. The concept introduces new operational technologies immensely reducing deployment of human resources. The facility features unprecedented sliding roof technology and automated ship to shore crane technology. Furthermore, the crane introduces patent pending technology of automated weighing of agro bulk commodities whilst handling. Together with smart design and careful selection of suppliers, project CAPEX and OPEX were reduced to an extent enabling equity financing. The concept has been copied multiple times and more projects are ready to be launched.

Other innovative solutions resulting out of the transformation strategy were in the fields of waste water treatment, automation and robotica. An example of the latter is the automated stacking arm being able to independently offload and stack an entire Panamax vessel. The waste water project included mapping the possibilities of interchange of water with neighbouring industries.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Advice in terminal transformation process
  • Assessment of business potential
  • Identification of new operational technologies and innovative solutions
  • Conceptual design
  • Cost estimates