Project Description

  • Project name: Technical Assistance regarding concessions contracts for LNG Port Infrastructure
  • Project location: Mozambique
  • Name of client: RVO Netherlands
  • Period: 2015-2016

Description of the project

Mozambique is on the brink of a major expansion of its gas sector. Considerable volumes of recoverable gas have been found off-shore in the Rovuma basin. Exploitation of these volumes in Area 1 is contracted to a consortium represented by its operator, Anadarko and exploitation in Area 4 is represented by its operator, ENI. The Duch Government agreed to provide Technical Assistance related to the concession contracts for LNG Port Infrastructure.

From Nov 2015 until Sep 2016 the consultants have assisted the team of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC team) in the negotiations about two concession contracts for port infrastructure related to the LNG project in the Rovuma basin, expanded by the submission of the concept for a commercial port.

The assistance has been provided through the attendance at several meetings in Maputo, direct participation in negotiation meetings with the two concessionaires and the provision of several supporting documents. PCR worked together with Global Gas Networks Initiatives (GGNI) on the assignment

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Project management
  • Strategic analysis
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Review and commenting of draft concession contracts
  • Direct negotiations with concessionaires
  • Assessment of safety and security requirements for LNG handling
  • Cost assessments of LNG port infrastructure
  • Development of a Port Management model
  • Development of a concession contract
  • Assessment of possible spin-off to Dutch Economy
  • Assessment of capacity building requirements
  • Proposal for the development of a masterplan