Project Description

  • Project name: Rio Parana procurement strategy
  • Project location: Argentina
  • Name of client: Mesa asesora de la Hidrovia Parana-Paraguay
  • Period: 2019

Description of the project

Nearing the end of the current concession contract for maintaining the Rio Parana waterway from Santa Fe towards Punta Indio (a stretch of 900 km), the Argentinian government is contemplating various ways to proceed. Almost 25 years have passed since the main terms for the current concession have been established, which brings questions like “Is the current set-up of the concession the right template for the next 25 years?” and “What are the pros and cons of subdividing the full scope into a series of projects?”.

From the mid 1990’s the fairway depth and width have been increased significantly, along with the increase in vessel dimensions as well as fairway usage. This trend is expected to continue, however the best timing of the various deepening and widening sub-projects cannot be predicted on a 25 year timescale.

Port Consultants Rotterdam (PCR) has been requested to perform a procurement strategy study, and indicate the preferred contracting option. Further part of the study was to advise on the role of an Organo de Control.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Distinguish capital and maintenance works
  • Develop procurement strategy along with packaging options
  • Evaluate options and recommend preferred alternative
  • Prepare tentative tender timeline
  • Advise on the set-up and tasks of an Organo de Contro