Project Description

  • Project name: Quick Scan Infrastructure Biomass Plants
  • Project location: Arcadis
  • Name of client: Nuon
  • Period: 2010 – 2010

Description of the project

NUON wanted its existing assets to be more sustainable and increase the generating capacity for energy and heat. As part of this, NUON examined the feasibility of new biomass power plants with a capacity of approximately 25 to 50 MW at the locations Arnhem, Diemen and Utrecht.

NUON performed a feasibility study, but needed support for the logistical aspects, namely the establishment of the necessary infrastructure and internal logistics (storage and transport) on site.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Unloading operational calculations.
  • Logistics on the terminal and plant.
  • Equipment specifications.
  • Cost estimate equipment.