Project Description

  • Project name: Project manager temporary floating port
  • Project location: Pemba, Mozambique
  • Name of client: Bollore Africa Logistics

  • Period: May 2012 -July 2012

Description of the project

North of Port of Pemba, Mozambique, substantial reserves of natural gas have been found off-shore. International drilling companies are exploring the resources in the area .

In order to serve the drilling rigs, Bollore Africa Logistics invested in new, temporary floating terminal-to-service supply vessels which handle cargo and materials between shore base and drilling rigs.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Project management.
  • Management of environmental impact assessment.
  • Hiring of engineer consultants.
  • Logistics design of the floating terminal and connecting bridge.
  • Hiring of new staff and training of staff.
  • Incorporation of stevedoring company (PPP with Mozambican government).
  • Procurement and transport of equipment.
  • Various construction contracts.
  • Introduction of SHEQ training and protocols.
  • Commercial contracts with oil/gas companies.