Project Description

  • Project name: Pre-accession project
  • Project location: Izmir, Turkey
  • Name of client: G&G Consulting Ltd, Witteveen + Bos, Port of Amsterdam
  • Period: 2003 – 2004

Description of the project

In view of the anticipated EU membership of Turkey the structure of the State Railway Company (TCDD), managing both railways and ports in Turkey, had to be brought in line with EU standards.

This lead to this institutional change project with special emphasis on market positioning and maritime safety in the ports.

For this project a project team was formed, consisting of six specialist from Holland, four specialist from a local consultant and around ten participants from TCDD. PCR provided a project manager and a financial specialist, who were responsible for reporting, the budget and the execution of the project

For the embedment of the proposal a number of local governmental bodies, customers of the port, legal consultants and others had to be consulted.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Development of new organization structure.
  • institutional setting.
  • Financial modeling.
  • Legislative requirements.
  • Operational requirements.
  • Privatization proposals.
  • Training requirements.
  • Staffing requirements.
  • Throughout the project training of counterparts and transfer of knowledge.