Project Description

  • Project name: Port terminal master plan
  • Project location: Las Flores, Colombia
  • Name of client: Sociedad Portuaria de las Flores
  • Period: 2013 – 2013

Description of the project

Port Consultants Rotterdam (PCR) is commissioned by Sociedad Portuaria de las Flores to develop a port terminal master plan. Sociedad Portuaria de las Flores has obtained a concession from Cormagdalena. The concession is for the use of a water front area along the river Magdalena. The project site is located 7 kilometer upstream of the river Magdalena. It is the intention to develop this area into a Liquid / Bulk Port.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • A phased port terminal master plan for the port facilities and cargo handling tools. Based on the strategic direction of the terminal and a cargo forecast for all different kind of commodities but with the focus on liquid products.
  • Development of a conceptual layout of the port facilities, including the equipment.
  • Cost estimate of the required investments for the different phases of the port terminal master plan.