Project Description

  • Project name: Port masterplan logistic terminal port of Belize
  • Project location: Belize
  • Name of client: Oxalis
  • Period: 2014

Description of the project

The Port of Belize is seeking expansion possibilities for mainly the export of their agricultural products such as raw sugar, banana’s, wheat, maize, beans. In parallel the port will import fertilizer, liquids (gasoline, diesel) and heavy project cargo in growing quantities.

In the existing situation the agricultural products arrive by small vessels and barges, and are loaded board to board into 10,000-15,000 DWT vessels, with a capacity in the range of 200 ton/day. These low capacities and loading rates are hampering the further growth of this sector. Oxalis is one of the stakeholders in such a port expansion project, and has requested to provide expert services in this regard.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Calculations to determine the required number of berths, land area and storage requirements for each type of commodity, including phasing if applicable.
  • Determination of the necessary equipment for the handling of the predicted cargo.
  • Preparation of the equipment layout in the existing plot layouts. We will provide changes in the plot layout if necessary due to the selected equipment.
  • Global cost estimate of the required terminal equipment.
  • Supporting sketches of the equipment.