Project Description

  • Project name: Port market study terminal Las Flores
  • Project location: Colombia
  • Name of client: Sociedad Portuaria de las Flores

  • Period: 2013 – 2013

Description of the project

Sociedad Portuaria Las Flores (SPLF) has obtained a concession from Cormagdalena for a 13 ha piece of land in Barranquilla, at 7km upstream from the river Magdalena rivermouth. SPLF intends to develop the land into a bulk handling (liquids and dry bulk) terminal. Port Consultants Rotterdam was commissioned a port market study and a port terminal master plan study.

In the port market study, an analysis was made of the main bulk import and export flows in Colombia, particularly those of coal and crude oil. A forecast was made for the trade volumes of major bulk flows through ports on the Caribbean coastline of Colombia, and of the market share that Las Flores terminal could capture.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Analysis of O/D patterns and volumes of major bulk flows in Colombia: thermal and metallurgical coal, crude oil, oil products, chemicals, palm oil.
  • Comparison of hinterland transport costs on road and on Inland Waterway Transport.
  • Forecast of future volumes of these bulk flows in ports along the Caribbean coastline.
  • Analysis of the competitive position of Barranquilla and Las Flores terminal, expressed in a SWOT analysis.