Project Description

  • Project name: North Sea Wind Power Hub
  • Project location: North Sea, Netherlands
  • Name of client: Tennet
  • Period: 2018/2019
  • Phase: Conceptual study

Description of the project

The NSWPH consortium is considering to facilitate connection of far offshore wind areas in the North Sea to the onshore electricity grid by means of an artificial island. PCR has been requested by NSWPH to perform a constructability analysis for two conceptual island designs (small and large).

The harsh conditions of the North Sea and the remoteness at the chosen location demanded a thorough analysis of the practical limits of working methods commonly applied.

In the study Port Consultants Rotterdam (PCR) assessed the technical feasibility of the island construction, selecting robust construction techniques and indicating the required capacity of the equipment (partly  purpose build).

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Assess workability and seasonal variation
  • Evaluate working methods and equipment for marine works
  • Scoping of working harbour and temporary protection dam
  • Assess net annual production rates
  • Conceptualize rock works: supply logistics and construction of rubble mound sea defense
  • Provide sketch for fabrication, transport and handling of concrete elements up to 95 ton
  • Prepare construction sequence and time schedule