Project Description

  • Project name: National Transport Masterplan
  • Project location: Angola
  • Name of client: Government of Angola, Ministry of Transport
  • Period: January 2018 – August 2019

Description of the project

In the framework of the project to develop the National Transport Master Plan, a multi-national team reviewed and analysed demand and supply of transport infrastructure, services, operations and organisation, identified bottlenecks and prepared short-, medium- and long- term plans to improve overall transport conditions in Angola. Experts of Port Consultants Rotterdam were responsible for the port, maritime and inland waterway transport aspects including the hinterland transportation interfaces related to the main seaports of Luanda, Lobito, Namibe and Cabinda and for some minor ports.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Strategic and market analysis
  • Terminal scans
  • Reviews of existing and projected infrastructure, facilities, operations and services
  • Logistic and hinterland transport interfaces
  • Identification port, terminal and institutional projects
  • Timing and Cost estimates