Project Description

  • Project name: Green Ports development methodology and evaluation
  • Name of client:

  • Period: 2018

Description of the project

Elaboration of a methodology to develop ports in a sustainable way, covering all development phases, from planning to operation and management. It considers current port green practices and other additional sustainable measures that could be followed, for which the concept of ‘Green Port’ and its difference with a traditional port was analysed.

An evaluation framework of the methodology was also developed, with a scoring system that gives a punctuation to the port according to the type of measurements taken. It was is applied to a case study, with the objective of refining it and making it applicable to other port projects around the world.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Analysis of current green port practices
  • Identification of top green philosophies applicable to ports
  • Definition of sustainable measures per project phase
  • Possible financing ways
  • Evaluation framework
  • Application of methodology to a case study