Project Description

  • Project name: Grain terminal feasibility study
  • Project location: Bulgaria
  • Name of client: Private investor
  • Period: 2014

Description of the project

The grain terminal feasibility study comprises a 60.000 ton storage facility for various types of grains. The grain terminal has high capacity train and truck intake stations and a travelling ship loader to export the grains. The grain terminal is designed for 1 million ton of various grains of which about 80% is to be exported in a 5 month peak period.
The silos will be loaded by train/truck from hinterland storage facilities a few days before vessel arrival. The material handling system is designed for simultaneous ship loading from storage silos and train/trucks, resulting in a total vessel loading capacity of 12,500 ton per day.
The terminal is equipped with automatic weighing and sampling facilities for the incoming cargo flow. The total flow loaded into the sea-going vessel will be measured using a batch weighing scale.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Preparation of Functional Requirements for the grain terminal.
  • Conceptual Design of grain storage facilities, belt conveyor systems, shiploader and other mechanical works.
  • Conceptual Design of mooring and berthing facilities and other civil works.
  • Preparation of the capital expenditures estimate.