Project Description

  • Project name: Food commodity storage and processing facility operations tender
  • Project location: Doha, Qatar
  • Name of client: Hamad Port Project
  • Period: September 2019 – March 2020

Description of the project

The Hamad Port Project (HPP) is developing a major Food Commodities Processing and Storage Facilities in Hamad Port, to serve as a strategic national reserve for a minimum of 2 years for 3 million people. The Facility will provide storage for three basic food commodities: rice (330,000 metric tons), edible oil (120,000 metric tons) and sugar (180,000 tons).

Port Consultants Rotterdam assisted HPP in drafting the required documentation to source a suitable operator to manage the Facility, under a lease/concession type agreement, by means of a tender process. Through this agreement, the operator(s) will conduct operations while complying with the conditions of the concession agreement, such as ensuring a high performance that meet quality standards (measured by key performance indicators) and maintaining the minimum stock of food required by the State for distribution to the population when needed.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Analysis of macro-economic trends

  • Analysis of national, regional and international related policies

  • Stakeholders analysis

  • Definition of operational business model

  • Institutional set-up

  • Business case

  • Tender set-up

  • Preparation of tender documents