Project Description

  • Project name: Fertilizer and ammonia export facilities
  • Project location: Algeria
  • Name of client: Orascom Construction Industries / Sorfert Algérie.
  • Period: Arzew, Algeria.
  • Period: 2008-2010.

Description of the project

In 2011, the Urea and Ammonia plant in Arzew – Algeria – will become operational and will start with the export of about 0.8 million ton of anhydrous ammonia and 1.3 million ton of urea per year. The ammonia will be transported via a pipeline to Bethioua port and loaded in vessels. The urea will be transported from the production plant to the port using bulk trucks over a distance of about 11 km. The trucks will directly load seagoing vessels up to 25,000 DWT using two mobile ship loaders with feeding units. Two mooring pontoons will be used as spacer to overcome insufficient water depth along the quay wall. In the future the vessels will be loaded at a deep water berth and intermediate storage facilities will be provided inside the port premises.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Mooring studies for ammonia vessels and urea vessels.
  • Modifications to existing jetty for safe mooring of smaller ammonia vessels.
  • Layout design and selection of alternatives and preliminary cost estimates.
  • Design of terminal warehouse and terminal equipment.
  • Preparation of a Design and Build tender package for the warehouse and civil works.
  • Preparation of a Design and Build tender package for the ship loaders, feeding units and spacer mooring pontoons.
  • Tendering, tender advice, preparation of contract, design coordination, pre-shipment inspection of shiploaders, feeding units and spacer mooring pontoons.