Project Description

  • Project name: Estimation port construction costs expansion MV2
  • Project location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Name of client: Rotterdam Port Authority
  • Partners: Rotterdam Port Authority, Project Organisation MV2
  • Project value: 2,9 billion Euro
  • Period: July 2004 – May 2013

Description of the project

Maasvlakte 2 is a 2.9 billion euro expansion in the Port of Rotterdam. This port expansion results in an extra 1000 ha terminal area dedicated to container handling (600 hectares), distribution facilities (200 hectares) and chemical industry (200 hectares).

In total a sea defense of 12 km is erected, 250 Mm3 sand is dredged and reclaimed, 10 km of quaywall (to -20 m) is built. This nearshore area is a particularly sensitive natural habitat (both marine and terrestrial life). For this reason design, planning and execution of the works was done with utmost care.

After a thorough preparation by the project team (2004-2006) the first phase was successfully tendered as a Design & Construct (D&C) contract. The Contractor delivers the contract on time and within budget in May 2013. The second phase will be developed in the coming decade.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Provide dredging technology input for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Provide specifications for reclamation activities.
  • Design and manage soil investigation program.
  • Responsible for all estimates of port construction costs.
  • Advise on working methods and construction planning.
  • Advise in technical/commercial negotiations with contractor.
  • Set-up of maintenance program.
  • Set-up and implement the environmental monitoring program.
  • Liaison with authorities on sand extraction and environmental effects.