Project Description

  • Project name: Dredging study
  • Project location: Hazira Port, India
  • Name of client: Private Port Owner
  • Period: 2007 – 2011

Description of the project

Port Consultants Rotterdam conducted a dredging study for the port of Hazira. The Port of Hazira is primarily built for LNG facilities, and later expanded with a basin for a container terminal. The high current velocities of the port entrance yielded a serious design challenge. These conditions were difficult for the construction of breakwaters and dredging works either. Monsoon waves and swell affected the works further. The high silt load of the current causes large maintenance volumes in the port basin and the entrance channel. Part of the dredging study included cost estimation of capital dredging and exploring maintenance dredging strategies. Maintenance schedules combining trailing suction hopper dredgers and water injection dredgers have been tried and tested in order to minimize annual maintenance dredging costs.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Dredging study, including cost estimation for capital dredging works.
  • Maintenance dredging strategies (WID) after the new port construction is put in place.
  • Advise on working methods and construction planning for expansion.
  • Assessment of dredgeability, suitable equipment deployment, works program and cost estimate.
  • Advise in technical/commercial negotiations with Contractor.
  • Study on Technical and Financial feasibility for maintenance dredging with a Water Injection Vessel.
  • Preparing Employer Requirements for a new built vessel.