Project Description

  • Project name: Dakar Reefer Terminal
  • Project location: Senegal
  • Name of client: Breadbox Shipping

  • Period: January 2015 – December 2015

Description of the project

Senegal is known for its activities of importing bananas, fruits and vegetables through the port of Dakar, which are mostly transported on “specialized refrigerated vessels”. However, there was no unloading facility dedicated to handling refrigerated palletized cargo in the port of Dakar. PCR assisted in the development of a new multifunctional reefer terminal to facilitate imports and exports of fresh and perishable products to and from Senegal.

PCR prepared the business plan for the new reefer terminal, including a study of location alternatives, a preliminary design of the terminal lay-out, nautical access, quay wall, dredging and reclamation plans. Costs were also estimated as input for the business case for concession.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Market study and cargo forecast
  • Study of location alternatives
  • Preliminary design
  • Cost estimates
  • PPP-structuring
  • Business case