Project Description

  • Project name: Commercial strategy Port of Cochin
  • Project location: India
  • Name of client: TransCare Logistics India Pvt Ltd

  • Beneficiary: Cochin Port Trust
  • Period: May 2006 – Feb 2007

Description of the project

In 2006 the 12 major ports in India were asked by the Indian Ports Association to submit a business plan for the next 6 years. These business plans should be based on a masterplan covering the coming 20 years.

From an overall analysis of the present performance of the Port of Cochin it was concluded that the port is not primarily hampered by shortage of capacity but is suffering from commercial problems. Therefore a commercial strategy has been developed focusing on the following items:

  • Decrease vulnerability caused by dependency on two major clients
  • Increase commercial attractiveness
  • Increase private sector participation
  • Increase hinterland connectivity
  • De-bottleneck present operations

The strategy resulted in a number of activities and projects to be carried out in the coming years. The masterplan prioritized and structured these projects as a phased port development for the next decades. A financial analysis was made to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed activities and projects.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Project management.
  • Port performance analysis.
  • Development of commercial strategy.
  • Trade and traffic forecasts.
  • Functional requirements.
  • Preliminary designs.
  • Recommendations on operational improvements.
  • Cost estimates.