Project Description

  • Project name: Coal import logistics for upstream powerplant
  • Project location: Bangladesh
  • Name of client: African Waterways
  • Period: 2014

Description of the project

A major investment group in Bangladesh awarded an assignment to African Waterways to provide advisory services for a desk study for the development of a dedicated coal logistic chain and transport related infrastructure (inland ports, a floating unloading system in deep sea, inland river navigation system etc.).
The group is in advanced stage op planning for the construction of 2 coal fired powerplants in the Bangladeshi delta. The daily coal consumption for each of the plant is around 6000 tons. The coal will be imported from Indonesia or South Africa by a mother vessel (Panamax).
Such Panamax vessels cannot reach the upstream powerplants. For African Waterways various options and routes are studied to supply coal by smaller vessels to the two inland locations (up-river) based on available water depth, wave data/climate, the size of the coal supply vessels, barges etc.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Definition of cargo flows (throughput).
  • Preparation of a logistics flow charts.
  • Selection of transhipment options for the coal.
  • Selection of transhipment facilities (equipment selection).
  • Calculations of the various alternatives and selection of preferred routing.
  • Capex and Opex calculations.