Project Description

  • Project name: Adaptive Port Masterplanning for Europoort at Port of Rotterdam, Europoort Masterplan 2030+

  • Project location: Netherlands

  • Name of client:

  • Period: 2014-2015

Description of the project

First worldwide full application of Adaptive Port Planning framework (The Flexible Port, Taneja, 2013) for existing port areas. Applied case of long-term planning under uncertainty for existing port areas at Port of Rotterdam; especially, for Europoort Masterplan to increase its robustness while ensuring the port has the license-to-operate and the license-to-grow in the long run.

The main result is a set of actions in the form of Europoort Masterplan 2030+ for tackling non-obvious (uncertain) future problems through embracing uncertainties now, and converting them into opportunities.

Europoort Masterplan 2030+ summarises all the proposed actions dealing with uncertainty through including flexibility and sustainability into the planning. This project also integrates the PIANC Green Ports approach (PIANC, 2014b), as well as other existing frameworks towards a sustainable growth of the port.

Services provided by Port Consultants Rotterdam

  • Flexible and sustainable masterplan

  • Listing of indicators and priority level for defining success in Europoort

  • Analysis of vulnerabilities and opportunities for a sustainable growth

  • Identification of actions to increase robustness and flexibility

  • Valuation of flexibility, social and ecosystem services

  • Implementation of APP within Port of Rotterdam