The operation of ports and terminals requires skilled and qualified staff and proper procedures and systems. The technologies applied in ports and terminals are continuously developing in order to become more efficient, more environmental friendly and safe. These developments lead to the requirement for organizational change and upgrading and training of staff.
PCR has significant experience in designing port operations. Not only at terminal level but also in the maritime services and port management field. This experience has been gained, amongst others, by managing port and terminal services ourselves in various parts of the world.


In order to design a proper port operations structure the following approach is usually followed:

  • Analyze the current characteristics, organization and performance of the terminal
  • Assess the current and future capacity and possible bottlenecks
  • Analyze potential future development scenarios given the volume forecasts
  • Analyze hinterland transport and the interface with the terminal operations
  • Select type and number of handling equipment and staff to maintain adequate service levels (berth and terminal occupancy)
  • Develop an operational scheme to optimize the terminal performance and eliminate bottlenecks

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