The nautical design of a port appears to deal with the dimensions of fairways and basins in the port and the approaches. However in selecting the horizontal and vertical dimensions, the nautical restrictions are implicitely determined. For a required safety level, a specific set of dimensions dictates a specific set of “rules-of-the-road” with respect to traffic situations, wind, waves and tide: the entrance regime. And so the nautical design actually deals with dimensions of the fairways, as well as the efficiency of shipping traffic and the safety in the port. As a consequence the essence of the nautical design is to select the optimal trade-off between these three major elements.

In dealing with nautical subjects PCR is always aware of this trade-off. Whether the subject is the design of port approaches or the definition of functional requirements of a Vessel Traffic Management System, the interaction of infrastructure, traffic management, safety and efficiency is at the core of the advice.

Therefore the execution of nautical studies asks for a broad expertise in all these relevant fields. PCR can provide the overview in these fields based on a vast practical experience in nautical advice and port design. To complement the in-house expertise PCR co-operates with firms specialized in fast- and real-time simulations.

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