Financial and PPP-structuring

Port Consultants Rotterdam uses Business case steering as a central tool for all its projects.

Business case steering

Central in the approach of Port Consultants Rotterdam is business case steering. Cost and revenue of investments and alternatives will be evaluated with the help of a financial model allowing to always provide sound motivation and optimized choice and at the same time safeguarding the financing of the project and choosing the most suitable public – private investment structure.

Financial and PPP structuring projects

Methodology Design Cycle Business Case

The built up of project/investment interaction between the various disciplines is the key to success. In order to manage and safeguard this interaction PCR uses the Design Cycle with at its heart the Business Case. For instances; changes in market demand should be translated into changes in design or phasing of investments in order to safeguard the financial feasibility. Changes in demand have an effect on income of a project and changes or phasing of design have an effect on Capex and Opex of a project. Combined these changes impact on the feasibility and return of a project/investment.

From feasibility study to bankable report to implementation

A feasible project is a nice start but the main challenge for any project or investment is to realize and implement the project meeting the return on investment anticipated in the feasibility study. For the four main work streams contracts have to be closed, risks have to be mitigated and opportunities have to be benefited from. In order to deal with the market risk often an operator has to be found. In order to handle the construction risk a construction company has to be found. In order to be allowed to built the project environmental permits have to be in place. In order to start construction finance has to be arranged.

Based on a project’s key technical and risk parameters, objectives and constraints the possible PPP options to deliver the project can be defined (BOT, BOOT, DBFM(O), Lease, Divest, Management Contract, Concession). Port Consultants Rotterdam has in depth experience with this process ultimately leading to a clear financial structure of the project, sound PPP partners and a bankable project/investment.

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