Port Consultants Rotterdam has extensive experience with the development of port masterplans as can be noticed from Port Consultants Rotterdam’s port masterplan project references. Besides developing port masterplans from scratch (greenfield port developments), Port Consultants Rotterdam also updates and reviews existing port masterplans (for example the update of Porto Central masterplan) or the review of the masterplan for Sonadia Deep Sea Port).

Port masterplan methodology

Port masterplan of the Maasvlakte 2, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Port Consulants Rotterdam experts were involved in the development of the port masterplan for the Rotterdam port expansion Maasvlakte 2

A port masterplan describes the long-term development of a port complex. The time horizon of a port masterplan project is at least two decades. Because of this long-term perspective, robustness is the most essential design requirement. The masterplan should be based on the most likely future as forecasted in trade and traffic projections. However, it should also be able to meet yet unforeseen challenges in the coming decades.

For that reason, Port Consultants Rotterdam advocates a design concept that optimizes the robustness of the port masterplan by maximizing the flexibility of phased development.

The Port Consultants Rotterdam project approach for port masterplans can be characterized as port development from an exploitation point of view. Financial and economic feasibility are at the core of the masterplanning process. As a consequence, Port Consultants Rotterdam developed an interactive design cycle that enables a direct feed-back from a business case model to the masterplan design. A port masterplan study typically covers the following fields:

  • Based on a commercial strategy a number of development options for all maritime and industrial activities in the port will be drawn up and evaluated. An optimum development scenario will be selected.

  • This scenario will be translated into a phased and flexible design

  • A financial and economic analysis, including tariff analysis, will evaluate the feasibility of the port masterplan. A business case approach is applied to optimise the port masterplan by means of a feedback loop of business case results to the inputs in the design stage of the masterplan

  • An implementation plan describes the development and may contain recommendations on the institutional development of the port management.

The execution of a port masterplan study asks for a broad expertise in all fields of port development, exploitation, and operation. Port Consultants Rotterdam can provide the overview in these fields based on a vast practical experience in designing and implementing masterplans. To complement the in-house expertise Port Consultants Rotterdam co-operates with specialized firms experienced in all relevant fields.

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