The practical and operational experience of Port Consultants Rotterdam (PCR) is not only being applied in long term port masterplan projects but also in design, engineering and evaluation of individual port facilities and activities. Over the years the designs and advices made by PCR ranged amongst other things from entire ports to individual terminals, from logistic centre to warehouse and from free zone activities to individual document flows. References can be found in the list of relevant projects.
Systems engineering and value engineering tools are utilized to achieve integral and fit for purpose solutions. Therefor PCR puts emphasis on working closely together with clients and stakeholders, in order to clearly define the client’s demands and the functions that the solution or design must fulfil.
PCR offers multi-disciplinary design and engineering services, including:

  • All types of sea port and inland port terminals
  • Mechanical, electrical, civil and marine engineering
  • Buildings, silo’s, warehouses
  • Utilities design
  • Off shore supply bases
  • Dredging and reclamation
  • Nautical design
  • Logistic design

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